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Smoking and Vaping Cessation Resources

Kick It California has helped people quit for nearly 30 years through free, customized one-on-one coaching that is grounded in science. Services are available in English and Spanish and can be accessed by texting "Quit Vaping"/"Quit Smoking" or "No Vapear"/"Dejar De Fumar" to 66819 or by calling 1-800-300-8086.

Contra Costa County community members are encouraged to call and access other quit smoking or quit vaping tools offered by Kick It California. Quitting Tobacco Toolkits are available online where people can learn how to take control and learn why it's important to quit, learn about the quitting process, and develop a quit plan. These tools for vaping can be found here and for smoking they can be found here.

For more information about Kick It California's cessation services, including telephone counseling, mobile apps, online chat, texting program, and to listen to a sample call to learn what their cessation services are like for quitting smoking and quitting vaping.

For more information please visit tobacco related public health issues.