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Summer 2019

Dr. Kristin Moeller
Outgoing Residency Director

Dr. Brian Johnson
Incoming Residency Director
Director's Corner

Welcoming a New Era

Welcome to the summer 2019 Residency Newsletter. The annual flow of the residency year continues: in March we matched 13 outstanding new residents to our program. We officially welcomed the new interns to CCRMC for orientation on June 14. And on June 28 the amazing Class of 2019 graduated and began their next adventures as family physicians.

On July 1, I stepped down as Program Director and have passed the torch to Dr. Brian Johnson. Brian will continue to lead our program forward in training excellent family docs for Contra Costa and beyond. Brian brings new perspective and energy and I am excited to see where he and our dedicated faculty will lead the program.

I am honored to have had the privilege of leading the Residency Program these last six years. I’m grateful to the office staff, residents and faculty for their commitment to teamwork and keeping our program strong and vibrant. Together we have established great community within our program and worked to create a welcoming climate of diversity and inclusion. We have reenergized Community Medicine, including engagement with youth in Contra Costa County and pipeline activities. We have updated curriculum and didactics; started the annual CCRMC Scholarship and Research Day; and had many residents and faculty presenting at regional and national conferences. Our training in comprehensive reproductive healthcare remains excellent as does our hospital training, including OB, Nursery/Peds, and Med/Surg/ICU. Our POCUS training is at the forefront nationwide.

I am grateful for support from Contra Costa Health Services and everyone who has worked with me to maintain our excellence in residency training.
Thank you.

Kristin Moeller, MD
Director, Contra Costa Family Medicine Residency Program
CCFMR Class of 2003

Mission Statement

We are excited to present the new residency mission statement. We have been working on it for the last year to better reflect the values of our program. It will serve as both inspiration and aspiration as our program moves into the future.

We train diverse, full-spectrum physician leaders
who champion health equity
in under-resourced communities.
demonstrate compassion
foster resourcefulness
embrace diversity
encourage innovation
educate comprehensively


Congratulations to Drs. Angela Echiverri and Sarah McNeil, two of our excellent core faculty members, who were awarded the UCSF Family Medicine Educational Alliance’s Award for Excellence in Educational Collaboration. This award presented at the UCSF FCM Rodnick Colloquium on Thursday, May 30, 2019 recognizes faculty for unwavering passion for promoting partnership in education, ability to build and sustain bridges, and strong positive impact as a role model.

Angela Tambunting Echiverri, MD, MPH
Core Faculty: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Allyship (IDEA)

As a resident at UCSF, Angela was actively involved with diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives throughout her training. The work she did and the training she received at UCSF established her as a perfect fit for CCFMR as the residency began focusing on these issues. Through this transition Angela has continued to be an advocate for a wholistic approach to DEI and been a link for a number of our residency programs. She continues to mentor, advocate and connect, bringing her knowledge to our educational collaborative and the community around her. Angela is a role model to us all!

Sarah McNeil, MD
Core Faculty: Curriculum Development

Through her work on reproductive health, Sarah has impacted residency programs and learners throughout the UCSF FM network. She has been responsible for organizing and leading the TEACH Curriculum, which organizes abortion training for residents at UCSF, CCRMC, Natividad and Santa Rosa. Additionally, she has been a resource around reproductive health, justice and advocacy from programs within the UCSF sphere and beyond.

Alumni Profile

Brent Sujimoto, MD, MPH, FAAFP

Brent Sugimoto, CCFMRP Class of 2013, was named as the AAFP Board of Directors delegate elect in April 2019! We were able to talk with Brent and ask him how his training at Contra Costa prepared him for his future career accomplishments.

"When I trained at CCFMR, we often joked that we were the cowgirls and cowboys of medicine. Even though the days of residents performing cholecystectomies unattended are long in our past, CCFMR residents soak in the ethos of that culture: whatever a patient needs, we find a way to get it for them, even if it means blazing our own path. It is a way of thinking that comes naturally for CCFMR residents and, not coincidentally, the attitude I commonly encounter when I meet physician leaders across the country.

CCFMR taught me that I need not abide the wrongs that I see and that, in fact, to acquiesce to the injustices and inequality in healthcare is to become blind to them. Our full-spectrum training gave me the confidence that I had the skills to tackle any problem. The inspiring breadth of what faculty and residents have done for patients, from within the county to across international borders, helped me form my own vision of what healthcare should be."

Please see the following article for further information about what Dr. Sugimoto is doing!

*Please send us names and contact info of CCFMRP alumni to highlight for our next newsletter. Email and with alumni name, class year and contact info!

Research and Scholarship Day

In order to recognize all the important scholarly work that people here at CCRMC are involved in, we are holding our 5th annual CCRMC Scholarship and Research Day on Tuesday September 3, 2019 from 11am-1pm in the 1st floor conference room at Martinez Health Center.

This continues to be a successful space for people in our community to see all the interesting work being conducted by residents, faculty, and staff. We would also like to inspire people to start projects, join existing projects and network for future projects.

Match 2019

We had another very successful match for our incoming Class of 2022! They started clinical duties on June 26th and we are very excited to welcome them to the CCRMC family.

Important Dates

Research and Scholarship Day
Sept. 3, 2019

Medical Staff Dinner & Dance
Sept. 27, 2019

Resident Education Conference
Feb 28-March 1, 2020 (tentative)