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Health Advisory

Pittsburg Area Experiencing Intermittent Poor Air Quality Due to Fire

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Pittsburg and nearby communities may experience intermittent poor air quality due to the nearby Marsh Fire and residents are advised to monitor conditions and take precautions to avoid exposure to smoke.

People in the area should minimize outdoor activities when they see or smell smoke, particularly older adults, pregnant women, and people who have asthma, lung or heart disease.

When air quality is poor, residents should stay indoors with doors and windows closed as much as possible. People in the area should avoid going in and out of their homes to prevent bad air from getting indoors. Those without power should consider going to a location with a powered ventilation system.

Using a mask is not an effective substitute for staying indoors in a space with filtered air. Bandanas, surgical masks and other face coverings are not effective protection against wildfire smoke. Those who must go out during smoky periods should wear respirator-style masks (N-95, N-100, KN-95).

Taking a mask on and off can cause fine particles in the smoke to build up in the mask, which the wearer will breathe when the mask is put back on the face.

People with asthma should continue to follow their asthma plan, and those with chronic lung or heart disease should continue to take their medications regularly. Symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest pain or chest tightness may require immediate medical attention. Call 911 if you experience these symptoms.

Contra Costa Health will post updated information about this incident at More health information about wildfire smoke is available at

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