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Press Release

Breakfast Promotion for Better Health and Learning

April 20, 2007

Because eating breakfast can make a difference in how students perform in school, a coalition of East Bay organizations is encouraging families to eat a healthy breakfast.

During April and May, the Contra Costa-based Families Coalition for Activity and Nutrition (Families CAN) is promoting breakfast consumption as a way to improve the health and learning of children in Contra Costa.

"Research has shown that eating breakfast can improve school performance especially for children who are undernourished," according to Nancy Busby Hill, nutrition consultant for Contra Costa Health Services.

During the week of April 23 Contra Costa Health Services' eight Health Centers and its WIC program, and the Contra Costa Child Care Council will distribute apples from the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano and information about a healthy breakfast provided by the California Dairy Council. Funding for breakfast promotion is been provided by a grant from Assemblyman Mark DeSaulnier's office.

Mt. Diablo Unified School District will provide a free breakfast at Holbrook Elementary School to any interested student during STAR testing, April 23 - May 21. "While breakfast is important for learning every day, this effort will ensure students are ready for maximum performance during testing", says Kathleen Corrigan, Director, Food and Nutrition Services, Mt. Diablo Unified School District.

This campaign will remind parents to be sure their child eats breakfast in the morning either at home or at school, and will provide ideas for a simple, nutritious breakfast. In addition to the traditional cereal and low-fat milk, parents might try a toasted bagel with cottage cheese, a fruit smoothie, a cereal bar with fruit and yogurt, hard-boiled eggs and whole-grain toast. More information about breakfast is available online.

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