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Press Release

Local Candidates Support Tobacco Prevention Policies

October 24, 2006

Candidates running for local office in Contra Costa County back strong policies against tobacco, according to a survey conducted by the county's Tobacco Prevention Coalition (TPC).

Thirty percent of the candidates running for City Council responded to the survey, which TPC has conducted nearly every election since 1996. The responding candidates overwhelming support tobacco prevention laws and policies, such as the new comprehensive secondhand smoke ordinance recently passed by the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors.

The candidates' support is encouraging, said Coalition Co-chair Dr. Joel White.

"Support for these polices shows how Contra Costans have come to expect smoke-free air. These policies help protect nonsmokers, especially children who are most vulnerable, from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke," White said.

Adopted October 17, the secondhand smoke ordinance bans smoking in public parks, common areas of multi-unit housing residents, public event venues, public trails, public service areas such as ATM lines or bus stops, outdoor dining areas and within 20 feet of all business doorways, operable windows, and ventilation units.

The survey was sent to 84 candidates. Of the respondents, 94% indicated they support proactive enforcement of the no tobacco sales to minors (PC308a), 96 % agreed with banning smoking in outdoor dining areas and 87% supported banning smoking on public trails and in public parks.

"The attitudes of those running for office reflects the community's concern that the tobacco industry continues to be a powerful force that only can be contained by public policies," White said.

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