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Medication for COVID-19

Medication can help recover from COVID-19 and avoid serious illness. To be effective, it's important that that you start treatment quickly — within 5 days of when your symptoms began. Oral antiviral pills, such as paxlovid, can be obtained from a pharmacy with a prescription.

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center & Health Centers patients ages 12+ who test positive (either a lab test or a home test) and are high risk for severe disease from COVID may be eligible for antiviral medication.

How to Access Treatment

CCRMC & Health Centers patients who test positive for COVID-19 can contact the County's Advice Nurse at (800) 495-8885 to get evaluated by a doctor over the phone and, if appropriate, receive a prescription for antiviral pills.

The doctor will review your medical chart and current medications to see if you are a good candidate for treatment. Most people can treat mild symptoms of COVID-19 at home with over-the-counter medicine, but the doctor may order oral antiviral medication for you if you are at high risk of developing serious illness.

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