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IHSS (In Home Support Staff)

Who Can Join

You can join the IHSS program if you are an In Home Support Staff provider, working through the Public Authority of Contra Costa County for a minimum of 45 hours per month for two consecutive months. You do not need to verify citizenship.

It is very important that you continue to work at least 45 hours every month (as determined by the Public Authority) to maintain eligibility for this program. If you are not sure if you work enough hours or you have questions about your pay, please call the Public Authority of Contra Costa County at 1-800-333-1081.

What You Get

  • Free hospital stays
  • $10 copay for doctor visits and prescription drugs
  • Full dental coverage
  • State of the art hospital facilities including Center of Excellence for specialty care
  • 10 conveniently located neighborhood health centers
  • World wide emergency and urgent care coverage
  • Advice Nurse services available 24-hours a day, seven days a week
  • No copay for x-rays, diagnostic tests and lab services

Please see our IHSS Plan A-2 Benefit Highlights brochure for an overview about the types of services that are covered and copayments.

Additional detailed information about the plan can be found under the IHSS Providers Plan A2 section.

What You Pay

Low monthly payment.

What You Need to Do

Call CCHP's marketing department to find out how to apply and to discuss eligibility guidelines, at 800-211-8040.