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Diseases with no data


List of Diseases

Disease/Condition Group
Amnesic shellfish poisoning Enteric
Anthrax Enteric
Botulism, foodborne Enteric
Botulism, infant Enteric
Botulism, other (unspecified) Enteric
Ciguatera fish poisoning Enteric
Cryptococcosis Enteric
Cyclosporiasis Enteric
Paralytic shellfish poisoning Enteric
Scombroid fish poisoning Enteric
Trichinosis (Trichinellosis) Enteric
Bacterial meningitis, other General Communicable
Botulism, other (non-infant/non-foodborne) General Communicable
Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD) and vCJD General Communicable
Fifth Disease General Communicable
Hansen disease General Communicable
Hemolytic uremic syndrome General Communicable
Kawasaki disease General Communicable
Meningitis, viral (aseptic) General Communicable
Reye syndrome General Communicable
Rheumatic fever General Communicable
SARS-CoV disease General Communicable
Scarlet fever General Communicable
Staph aureus, invasive infection General Communicable
Streptococcal disease, invasive General Communicable
Toxic-shock syndrome, invasive General Communicable
Trachoma General Communicable
Encephalitis, other General Communicable
Hepatitis B, chronic Hepatitis
Hepatitis B, perinatal Hepatitis
Hepatitis C, acute Hepatitis
Hepatitis C, chronic Hepatitis
Hepatitis Delta, co- or super-infection Hepatitis
Hepatitis E, acute Hepatitis
Influenza Influenza
Influenza novel H1N1 Influenza
Diphtheria VPD
Haemophilus influenzae infection VPD
Meningococcal disease (Neisseria meningitidis) VPD
Poliovirus infection VPD
Rubella VPD
Rubella, Congenital Syndrome (CRS) VPD
Smallpox VPD
Streptococcus pneumoniae infection VPD
Tetanus VPD
Varicella (Chickenpox) VPD
African Tick Bite Fever Zoonotic
Angiostongyliasis Zoonotic
Anthrax Zoonotic
Babesiosis Zoonotic
Chikungunya Zoonotic
Colorado tick fever  
Cryptococcosis Zoonotic
Encephalitis, CA serogroup virus, neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, CA serogrp virus, non-neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Cache Valley, neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Cache Valley, non-neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Eastern equine (EEE), neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Estrn equine(EEE), non-neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis virus disease Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Powassan, neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Powassan, non-neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, St. Louis, neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, St. Louis, non-neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Vnzla equine(VEE), neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Vnzla equine(VEE), non-neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Western equine (WEE), neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Encephalitis, Wstrn equine(WEE), non-neuroinvasive Zoonotic
Glanders Zoonotic
Hantavirus infection Zoonotic
Leishmaniasis Zoonotic
Leptospirosis Zoonotic
Melioidosis Zoonotic
Plague Zoonotic
Psittacosis (Ornithosis) Zoonotic
Q fever Zoonotic
Rabies, human Zoonotic
Rabies, animal Zoonotic
Relapsing fever, tick or louse borne Zoonotic
Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis (including RMSF) Zoonotic
Taeniasis Zoonotic
Toxoplasmosis Zoonotic
Tularemia Zoonotic
Typhus fever  
Trichinosis Zoonotic
Viral hemorrhagic fever Zoonotic
West Nile infection Zoonotic
Yellow fever Zoonotic