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Data Reports

The H3 Research, Evaluation, and Data (RED) Team is responsible for the administrative oversight of data collection, reporting, and analysis. The RED Team manages the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) database, plans and implements the annual Point-in-Time Count, and analyzes, reports and evaluates demographic, programmatic and outcome data. For more information about data and reports, email

Annual Reports
Data Highlights
Data Requests
System Maps and Models

  • Continuum of Care Annual Report

    Health, Housing, and Homeless Services (H3) produces an annual report each calendar year for the Council on Homelessness to describe the populations served and service utilization within the CoC. Read through this year's report to learn about successes, challenges, and the unique stories of people experiencing homelessness in Contra Costa County in 2022.

    2022 Annual Report

    Past reports »

  • Point-In-Time Homeless Count

    The Point-in-Time (PIT) Count is an annual census and survey to identify the sheltered and unsheltered homeless population across the County. This count is required for all recipients of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding. The PIT Count takes place during the last week of January each year.

    Past reports »

    Point In Time Count StoryMap

    This Point In Time Count StoryMap is a direct response to the critical questions our stakeholders ask about homeless experience and how to prevent homelessness. It weaves together local, state, and national data with personal stories of people in Contra Costa County with lived experience with homelessness to highlight why Contra Costa County continues to fight the challenging battle of reducing homelessness.

    StoryMap direct link

  • Data Highlights

    Analysis of sub-populations within the CoC help improve our understanding of the consumers' needs, utilization of services, and opportunities to improve equity within the system of care. Data highlights offer a summary of new analyses or sub-populations of interest. These reports are generally on "hot topics," including but not limited to, homelessness, housing, and disparities.

  • Data Requests

    H3 is adopting a streamlined process for accepting, processing, and responding to requests for data and reports. Before submitting a request, please look online to make sure the data is not already available. The 2020 Comprehensive Annual Report includes: PIT data, a summary of service data utilization, trends in numbers served and sub-populations, race/ethnicity assessment, and program outcomes.

    • 2020 PIT data
    • Summary of service data utilization
    • Trends in numbers served and sub-populations
    • Race/ethnicity assessment
    • Program outcomes

    If reports on the website do not have the data you are looking for, please complete this form and submit using the submit button. If you have a request for HMIS program updates or HMIS training, please email directly. Things to remember when submitting a request:

    • The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) database is constantly updated and data gets cleaned on a regular basis. This means any data that is run can alter slightly if run on a different day.
    • We only provide summaries of data and will not provide individual consumer data.
    • H3's response to requests may take up two weeks – please let us know if you have an urgent request and why the request is needed sooner.

  • System Maps and Models