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Medically Vulnerable Infant Program


The Medically Vulnerable Infant Program (MVIP) provides early intervention services for babies from birth to age three who are at risk for developmental problems because of medical conditions or complications surrounding the pregnancy or birth. The program provides home support for families and needed intervention to foster optimal developmental outcomes for each child.

The goal of MVIP is to promote optimal health and developmental outcomes by supporting the parents and/or caregivers in understanding and caring for the special needs of their medically vulnerable child.

Who is Eligible for MVIP?

Families may be referred to MVIP if their infant meets both of the following criteria. 1. She/He has graduated from a California Children Services (CCS) approved Neonatal Intensive Care unit (NICU) or from a CCS approved hospital after transfer from an approved NICU; AND 2. She/He is at risk for developmental problems because of prolonged hospitalization, low birth weight, severe problems at birth, or continuing medical problems or delays in development.

What Services Does MVIP Provide?

MVIP services are provided by Pediatric Nurse Practitioners & Public Health Nurses and include:

  • In-home support services;
  • Development of individualized care plans;
  • Comprehensive developmental assessments & referrals;
  • Parenting skills education and counseling;
  • Monitoring each baby's development; and
  • Referral to additional services as needed.

MVIP services are provided in consultation with Nutritionists, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Special Educators.

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